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[ 2 ] -- laugh it up, fuzzball

A Masquerade? That's awesome!

I wonder what I should go as...?
So...we're expected to publicly post our diaries here? What kind of place is this?

Hello, everyone! I'm Jacen Solo - you might know me as the dashingly handsome brother of Jaina Solo I'm sure she talks about all the time - and I've been officially sorted into Ravenclaw for the duration of my time here.

Speaking of Jaina, if you want to date her, you have to check with me first. >|

What’s the deal with the one-animal limit? And only an owl, cat, or toad? Jeez, forget that.

Ladies, if you’d like to improve your conversational French, I’m all yours~

ooc: strikes private

[ 0 ] -- i have a bad feeling about this...

[ A letter to Jaina. ]

Dear My Beloved and Sometimes Really Annoying Sister,

I have some bad good bad good bad news and good news for you.

The bad news is, I won't be writing to you anymore.

The good news is, that's because I'm coming to Hogwarts.



That's about it.

See you soon?